Why does everyone tell me golf is so difficult and is not natural?

Because they don’t understand the design of the golf club and how it was intended to be used. They also are caught up in what something is supposed to look like instead of what it should feel like.

Golf is difficult only if you are using the wrong perception of how to play the game or just aren’t physically capable of swinging a golf club without a lot of effort.

For the vast majority of golfers the physical part is not the issue. For most the difficulty comes from having a wrong or skewed perception of what it takes to swing a golf club and have it produce the results they desire.

What is different about this from all the other instructional methods out there?

The difference is this focuses on giving every golfer a logical understanding of the relationship between the equipment (the golf club, golf ball) and your body.

In other words this focuses on the cause and not all the effects. It removes all the unnecessary clutter that has been focused on in the past and allows you to play golf instead of golf swing. It also shows you how to develop an efficient, powerful and accurate swing without all the physical manipulation that can injure you and frustrate you emotionally.

Will I get worse before I get better?

You should see immediate improvement as long as you replace everything you know with this simple process. You will find that most if not all of what you have been doing is keeping you from playing your best golf.

According to P.G.A. of America statistics less than 40% of golfers stay the same or improve from instruction while the rest get worse or quit altogether.

Our experience has shown that 90% or more of those who try this way of learning not only improve but are saying they are enjoying golf like never before. That’s why I have received so many testimonials from other teaching pros and world class players. Typically the only ones who don’t improve are the ones that refuse to give up their old habits or don’t believe it can be this easy.

What if I don’t like it or don’t want to give up what I have learned?

The only way to find out if this is right for you is to try it. We believe once you have applied this simple and logical process to your game you will never consider going back to the typical 14 point checklist that most golfers go through.

The golf swing should be an easy and effortless motion. If you already have that and you fully understand how to creatively use your mind and body for almost any shot then you don’t need this otherwise this will help you improve no matter how good a golfer you are.

Does this try to make me copy the ideal swing?

No. This allows you to find your best golf swing and creative abilities.

Since most of this is designed to change your perception of golf and the golf swing you will find that your swing will be unique to you based on your physical abilities and will allow you to perform at or near your peak performance most of the time.

This is not about imitation it is about being you at your best.

How did you develop this style of instruction?

This was developed over many years by taking what some of the games greatest players taught me when I was young and then reverse engineering the golf swing, based on what I learned, to find the lowest common denominators that allowed anyone to play their best golf with ease and accuracy, regardless of physical ability or limitations, and made golf a fun experience rather than a tedious set of rules.